About Valerie

About Valerie

I was born and raised in the Brie County of France and moved to Florida with my husband and daughter in 2008.

I have been in the kitchen since childhood, helping my Mom and Grandmother cooking family dinners.

After graduating from the prestigious Culinary School of Morlaas (France) , I began my culinary career helping my uncle, the famous pastry chef Alain Gontier in Paris. He taught me the professional skills of this very demanding passion.

Later, I moved up to work for a catering company in Corsica Island.

Today, I proudly replicate my traditional family recipes, with the same love for good and healthy food.

After opening my restaurant in Weston (Valerie’s Place), I chose to move into the personal chef business to provide a better work-life balance for my family.

When not in a kitchen, you will find me walking, gardening or enjoying time with my grandchildren, John and Chloe.